Kinder Glitter


January 12, 2014 | Comment

“Kinder Glitter” is my story about the day-to-day adventures in my Kindergarten classroom.  15 years of moments where children have made me laugh and where inspiration glitters!  Times where tears have been shed and lessons have been learned.  My reflections of lessons and ideas that were home runs and also ones that just plain struck out.

Life is humbling…so is teaching. Each day when I walk into the classroom it’s a new day. Filled with promise, hope, anticipation and learning!! Teaching Kinders is an adventure! (Insert the Rocky theme music here…) One needs stamina, endurance a great sense of humor and that’s even BEFORE this mama of 4 get’s to school! Yes rest assured  - I have all kinds of days – the good, the bad and yes perhaps occasionally the ugly!

Teaching has and always will have my heart. I am grateful to be called someone’s teacher. I am honored. It’s a responsibility I do not take lightly.

Each day in the classroom brings new challenges, and new milestones! It is no secret that in today’s world there are increased expectations for both students and parent.  “Kinder Glitter” my way of sharing creative and fun ways to meet each child’s needs and face those daunting expectations head on. With that being said I also believe that children need to play, to giggle, to make messes and to love coming to school. In my classroom I tell my students “learning can be messy!” and that is soooo okay!  I am a believer of teaching to all levels of learning – no two people are the same so why would we ever expect children to learn at the exact same rate nor hit milestones at exactly the same moment? As teachers (and adults) we must always hold dear the notion that a child’s heart is the most important thing to nurture and grow.  I  love to teach about “Bucket Filling” in our classroom and we regularly sit down as a group and talk about acts of kindness and who we could help today…

Please feel free to email me with questions, comments about what is working in the classroom or in homeschooling program or what you are struggling with.  I’d love to hear from you!

Stay tuned in upcoming weeks for tips, freebies and materials that I’m working on!

Teaching Kindergarten is a beautiful journey of  learning to understand a child’s heart.  It is in these moments that you begin to understand your own…

~Welcome to “Kinder Glitter”~


Bright Yellow Daisy

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